Hog Island Osprey Cam

Hog Island Osprey Webcam
A 24/7 live feed from Hog Island. Watch our favorite Osprey duo, Rachel and Steve, rasie their chicks together on Hog Island.

This live cam looks directly into the nest of an osprey pair on Maine’s Hog Island. Find out the best time to watch live and learn more about ospreys on Explore.org @ https://exploreorg.tv/osprey

Ospreys are large raptors commonly found near bodies of water throughout much of the world. These birds of prey feed on live fish, which they catch by diving feet first into the water. Ospreys are also known as fish hawks or sea hawks, and they are one of the most widespread birds of prey, found on every continent except Antarctica. In Maine, ospreys are a common sight during the summer breeding season, and the Hog Island Osprey Cam offers a unique opportunity to observe these fascinating birds up close.

Hog Island Osprey Cam

Hog Island
Bremen, ME

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