Maine Wildlife Cams

This Wildlife camera is located in Central Maine, USA. You may see deer, skunk, fox, owl, coyote, bear, porcupine, ground hog. bobcat, rabbits and raccoons along with other Maine wildlife. Many birds are seen here, including kestrel, hawks, robins, blue jays, turkeys and more. – Provided by Wildlife of Maine

Maine is known for its diverse wildlife and beautiful natural landscapes. From expansive forests to scenic coastlines, the state offers a wide range of habitats for various species. One way to get an up-close look at Maine’s wildlife is through wildlife cams. These cameras provide live streams or recorded videos of different animal species in their natural habitats.

Here are some specific Maine wildlife cams that you might find interesting:

  1. Osprey Cam: Watch here
    This live Maine wildlife cam captures the daily activities of ospreys, also known as fish hawks, in their nest. You can observe these magnificent birds as they hunt for fish, care for their young, and maintain their nest.
  2. Eagle Cam: Watch here
    This Maine wildlife cam focuses on bald eagles, Maine’s iconic birds of prey. You can witness their impressive hunting skills, nesting behavior, and interactions with their eaglets. Keep an eye out for their majestic flights and characteristic calls.
  3. Bear Cam: Watch here
    The bear cam offers a glimpse into the world of black bears in Maine. You can observe these powerful yet elusive creatures as they forage for food, climb trees, and interact with other bears.
  4. Seal Cam: Watch here
    This mesmerizing live stream showcases harbor seals basking in the sun on a rocky beach. Watch these adorable marine mammals as they rest, swim, and occasionally interact with one another.
maine wildlife cams

Enjoy watching these live Maine wildlife cams and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Maine!