Portland Fish Exchange Pier Cam

Portland Fish Exchange

This image refreshes once a minute.
Image provided compliments of Cunningham Security, Yarmouth, Maine.

6, Portland Fish Pier, Old Port, Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, 04101

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The Portland Fish Exchange, located in Portland, Maine, is an important hub for the local fishing industry. It serves as a central marketplace where commercial fishermen can sell their catch directly to buyers, including seafood processors, wholesalers, and retailers.

The Fish Exchange is known for its live auction system, where buyers bid on various seafood products, such as lobster, scallops, haddock, and more. This transparent and efficient process ensures fair prices for fishermen and allows buyers to access a wide variety of fresh, local seafood.

In addition to the auction, the Portland Fish Exchange also provides a platform for fishermen to offload their catch, weigh it, and store it properly until it is sold. This helps maintain the quality and freshness of the seafood.

If you’d like to have a live glimpse of the activity at the Portland Fish Exchange, you can check out the Pier Cam image provided above. The image refreshes every minute, giving you a real-time view of the bustling pier and the fishing vessels that dock there.

Overall, the Portland Fish Exchange plays a vital role in supporting the local fishing community, promoting sustainable seafood practices, and ensuring that residents and visitors have access to high-quality, fresh seafood from the Maine coast.